Let’s Twist Again - Chubby Checker

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James Chance and the Contortions- Don’t Wanna Be Happy

Jazz churned through a grinder into a pool of acid

James Chance and the Contortion- I Can’t Stand Myself

Raw, blistering funk

Teenage Jesus and the Jerks- Orphans

No- Wave slide fuckery


Touché Amoré - Condolences (x)

I’m reblogging this, not as an upsetting thing… but because this line of the song always got to me and it really is true. I’ve been there before and it’s safe to talk to me if you ever need someone. You’re not alone.

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The Vibrators- Baby Baby Baby

A minor key lament which opens into a pleasing major chorus, with adorable lyrics to boot.

Sunny Lax & Solex- Out Of This World (Live bootleg by Jay Huffman)

Grooves so heavy they move mountains

Solex- A Round Figure

Fascinating little pop ditty

Solex- Honkey Donkey

Corny, gaudy and fun romp through a field of quirky samples and phrases


man ray

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Reconstruction of a Siberian warrior’s tattoos, who was discovered on the same plateau as the ‘Princess.’ Drawings of tattoos made by Elena Shumakova, Institute of Archeology and Ethnography, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Science.


Ken Price

  • drawings from Slow and Steady Wins the Race, Works on Paper 1962-2010

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Felt- Dazed

A pretty, jangling guitar instrumental. No rush.

Felt- Cathedral

Meditative psychedelic music which blooms delightfully over the course of its five minutes.

St Vincent- Krokodil

A fiery one- chord riot stomp of fun.