Primitive Future

Depicting a running target, an arrow chases until it expires and tilts downward toward the ground. The target barely escapes with the arrow hitting the ground and exploding as only modern weapons would.

By Otto Gepko Pfannschmidt, Artist, Salmon Arm, BC Canada

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Yi-Shiang Yang

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The Ex and Brass Unbound- Live @ The Button Factory, Dublin

Jazzy horns collide with experimental rock. Ferocious guitar bashing, intricate, powerful drumming and catchy horn parts


Dolly Parton’s Jolene played at 33 rpm

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sunset 2

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she’s rolling down a hill

she’s rolling down a hill

she’s rolling down a hill

she’s rolling down a hill and i can still see her when i close my eyes

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The Shays- Brainwashed

60’s garage with a touch of rock n’ roll and nervy piano bits

Ice Age- A Case of Cerebral Death

80’s Swedish Trash Metal


Couch Potato

I want to  discover the world, to see it with my own eyes. But I’m too lazy for it. Me and my mind, we escape from our daily life through videos, Images of the world outside. It’s okay. They seem real to me.

Suzanne Lepied, Student, Illustrator. Rennes, France.

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Mechanical wave

Every dot circles a circle. 

This is actually exactly how particles move in wavy water though

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László Moholy-Nagy, Kinetic-constructive systems, ca. 1922.


Visual Experimental Iterations Series - 20 & Fresh Pattern #6

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Annie Clark/St. Vincent by Jacqueline Di Milia

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